Frequently Asked Questions About Granite and Marble

That is a great question!  Upon installation, a “good” fabricator will seal your granite. If you have a dark granite, you need to seal your granite about once a year.  If you have a lighter granite, I recommend sealing your granite twice a year.
In today’s economy, you need to be careful about who you choose to work with. I recommend making sure they have a shop and a bridge saw or CNC.  There are a lot of contractors working from their personal truck or garage that do not have the correct tools to work with granite or marble.
  1. Granite is the most durable of the 3 types of stone mentioned. Travertine is a softer stone and not recommended for kitchens, it may stain easily.   Marble & Travertine are recommended for bathrooms.  Granite can be used anywhere.

Our turnaround time from bid acceptance is about 7 business days.  This allows time to get your material, fabricate, and install.
Granite is broken down into 5 groups, Group 1, Group 2, Group 3, Group 4, Group5, based upon availability of stone. We work with all groups/types of granite.
Soap and water or granite cleaner
No!  granite has various color and design variations.  Make sure your fabricator used stone from the same bundle!
Any!  artisan carries stainless steel sinks in stock as well!